Immersive Learning Experience

    Learn Immersive Spanish through an approach that is adaptable to the individual needs of each student.

    The key to the success is based on three important elements: TEACHERS, METHODOLOGY and RESOURCES.

    The first element:

    The experience of the staff, teaching Spanish. The different capabilities and abilities to transmit the knowledge after the years of experience and continued higher education process is a vital part of the whole process.

    Using the latest teaching techniques and all the knowledge the local culture of Guatemala, the teacher has been selected for their outstanding qualities as teachers: Experience, Professionalism, Responsibility, Honesty and Dynamism.

    The second element:

    The methodology has been developed over years of teaching. The offer includes the following areas: Program of Grammar, Exercises, Conversation, Reading, Homework and Evaluation. The main focus is on conversational Spanish and give to the students every opportunity to succeed.


    The third element:

    Customized resources. Develop you own material, this is a very important part of success in the process. We are developed our own resources like: TUEspañol Funcional: A Workbook to practice. We have a list of books and workbooks published in Guatemala, Spain and other Latin countries. In that books the student can found: games to learn playing, things to learn from our dictionaries, interactive materials, etc. Our students have access to use computers, internet and other resources.

    A normal week of lessons can be covered in 5 days per week, using 4 to 8 hours per day.

    An important part of the immersive learn experience are our 'Localhost' families (Home stay). We have a list of wonderful families with whom you will have the opportunity to practice your Spanish, share experiences and be part of cultural activities (like walking tours, collective classes, cooking, ceramic, salsa dance class, bike tours, etc.) during the week.

    If you are interested to know more specific information, you can contact us over our contact section or send us a message over our social media networks.

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