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Recyclable materials

ConstruCasa has a project directly related to recyclable materials. This raw material is made by children and young people of the community, who do not have access to education, therefore they work doing these tasks.

Using plastic bottles and bags, a perimeter wall of containment is being built, which will benefit the communities in need of the town of San Pedro Las Huertas. The main activity for the group will be to make the raw material, using recyclable products to then build the wall.

This activity will be the main one to be carried out during group visits. In addition to this activity, they may be part of other construction projects with which ConstruCasa has.

Inclusive School

Brillo de Sol

Brillo de Sol is an inclusive school and we place great emphasis on the fact that every child possesses his or her unique gifts and talents, and everyone has something to contribute, regardless of their intellectual or physical abilities.

The students at Brillo de Sol benefit from the methodologies used at the school tha

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